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How do you bring a vision to life for a product that doesn't even exist in 3 weeks time?


the situation

At LMS Brandz, we never shy away from a challenge. For example, one of our clients, Notarize, wanted a fully customizable umbrella, with all its panels on the top and bottom printed in full color and their logo printed on the handle. We were met with the challenge of fulfilling this order request of 100 pieces within a delivery deadline of three weeks – an order that typically would take a 60+ day lead time overseas and require a large minimum order quantity.

the solution

A challenge like this would typically create a dilemma for most other companies. However, this was no trouble for us. We partnered with a trusted vendor in the U.S. who fulfilled the order quickly. We sourced these custom umbrellas and had them delivered before the event date, all while staying within budget.


Due to our network of trusted, flexible vendors, we are able to say yes to expedited shipping requests. Our past connections have set us up to conquer all the special requests we receive. When we find a solution for one client, all of our other clients benefit.

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