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How to stay visible in a virtual world?


the situation

Elation Health was faced with an unprecedented dilemma, like so many companies, about how to keep their employees and clients engaged when face-to-face interactions were not an option. They connected with us to figure out how they could create something meaningful and memorable for those important relationships.

the solution

The solution was a custom kit! LMS Brandz went right to work, sourcing the perfect custom items to piece together a thoughtful and personal kit. We searched through our catalog of thousands of premium items to find the ones that most aligned with Elation Health’s brand and message. We enhanced the experience by setting up Elation Health with custom boxing, tissue paper, and ribbon to create a completely branded gift. Additionally, we took all the work off their hands by assembling and dropshipping the kits for them! They didn’t have to do a thing apart from enjoying the process of creating the kits together.



Elation Health employees and clients were touched by the beautiful kits they received in the mail. They felt appreciated and connected during a very isolating time. The process was smooth and simple for Elation Health as we partnered with them through the entire pipeline, ensuring their vision was brought to life without any extra work for them. We handled all the assembly and fulfillment so that our client’s experience, and their employees’ experience, was as seamless as possible.

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