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How do you create consistent promotional products and a seamless shopping experience?

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the situation

Level 10 Construction needed help with consistency on their branded products. Since they were working with multiple vendors, they ran into issues with brand guidelines not being followed and prices that were all over the place. They needed a one stop solution for their promotional products… They needed LMS Brandz!

the solution

When LMS Brandz learned what issues the client was facing, we immediately came to the rescue! We were able to consolidate all their promotional activities under the umbrella of a Level 10 Construction Company Store. We sourced the best premium items from our catalog and made sure the quality and branding was consistent across everything we ordered. Then we created their online store completely from scratch that has the capabilities to do everything they need! Their store can do various check outs, POs, bulk orders, and even allotments to make the shopping experience seamless for employees.

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We offered the company relevant information and examples of well-designed e-stores, and we even developed product samples for them to use. We took the time to listen to their thoughts and ideas and provided them with free mock-ups and virtual images of the products, complete with their logo and branding. It was our attention to detail that helped win over the client, who now refers to LMS Brandz as their preferred vendor.


Today, we host the online e-company store for this client. Their employees love shopping for their favorite products to represent Level 10 Construction. They also appreciate our weekly email blasts, highlighting different products in their store. We continue to go above and beyond to convey the value we have in our clients, building their trust, and creating new partnerships as we grow.

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